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IONKO IVAN is the creator of the project “Geological pulse”, consisting of a series of thematic paintings, united in a new and popularized by art, for the first time interdisciplinary scientific theory about the impact of the geological, particularly hydro geological conditions on the creative work of the humane being.

IONKO IVAN is a contemporary artist, AN AWARD WINNING PAINTER, monumentalist and lecturer. Lives and works in Los Angeles and Toronto. He graduated from The National Academy of Arts with a masters’ degree in the specialties “Painting” and “Painting pedagogy” in the Department of fine arts. He started his academic career in the University of Architecture and Construction – Sofia. He taught drawing and painting in York University, Toronto – one of the most prominent schools for contemporary visual arts in Canada. He lectured in Santa Monika College in Los Angeles and had been an instructor in interactive multimedia fine arts and art therapy in CLAREMONT FIRST STREET GALLERY – branch of Claremont University, Los Angeles. For Toronto Board Of Education created special projects for children.

Many of the monumental works of Ionko Ivan are possessions of public and private collections in Canada, USA, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Japan etc. The artist presents his paintings by art dealers in private galleries in Los Angeles and New York and is a recognized name among connoisseurs of art and collectors like Lady Gilbert who has in her collection a curious fauvistic painting of the artist, painted on furniture and wall. Ionko Ivan works in animation studios in Los Angeles and also makes computer graphics for studios of Sоny Picture Entertainment. The artist cooperates for long years with the world-famous Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata.

From 2002 he is an art consultant in “Art Beyond 2000” in Toronto and from 2006 to this day is a chairman of the board of the Foundation for Art Synthesis.

Ionko Ivan takes part in project of the European Community, USA and Canada for achieving creative exchange in a medium of turbulent processes, connected with the globalization of culture and preservation of national identity.

The trips Ionko Ivan made to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Vancouver, Paris and other seats of art, presenting his projects enriched his style. This experience of the artist is an important factor for revealing new elements in his recent projects “Geo Scope” and “Earth Eggs”

Art – science synthesis is a goal for Ionko Ivan, to create as a result bridges between art museums and universities in different regions of the planet.

As a first stage in the continuation of the project “Geo Pulse” Ionko Ivan is one of the curators of a joint project with French artists in the Foundation to the Senate of the Republic of France.

One of the works in this exhibition “Collaboration of Artists”, planned for 2012-2013 will present simultaneously in Paris and Sofia, two elements of the interactive installation “Earthly Eggs”.

The work is a cognitive model of a global filtration stream as a tool for gathering data, processing of information, conclusions and proofs for a scientific theory – basis for the project Geological Pulse. This will be an illustration for the dissertation work of the artist on the theme.


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