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Geo Stream

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Description and Instruction for Usage of the Interactive Communicative Geoicon, Painting of Global Underground Water Stream


Dimensions: 420/320 cm


Technique – acryl, oils, epoxies resin, vinyl, iPhone, Velcro on linen canvas. A pictorial work combining contemporary means with classic ones in order to show in a new way stylized worlds map. The hydro geologic situation of the underground water stream is not only vanguard geo icon, it grow into interactive, communicative picture. The work is a combination of high technologies, pure cavalet art of painting and interactive pictorial element made of vinyl. The work of art aims to grow into cognitive model or the global filtration stream that studies the formation of cultures on the exposed to its influence lands. The interactive pictorial canvas is connected with interactive space through iPhone. The geo vision is a cumulative figure of sent by different points of the planet image data. The efforts of many spectators – participants in an artistic geo blog ( are integrated.


The work of art contains:

1. Pictorial canvas, representing world hydro geologic map with legend.

2. iPhone

3. “Magic sketchpad”

The following is written the instructions; the same could be seen again in the internet at the address: „Touch with hand the pink surface and thus pain on the “Magic sketchpad”. In order to erase the image take up the color vinyl plate. It would be easily set off from the white layer under the created by the spectator graphic lines and they will disappear by your will.” The interactive area is ready for the next sketching.

Shoot with the iPhone camera fixed with velcro to the canvas the painting.

Choose the most interesting.

Send the selected at address, after you have already entered internet through the connection button of Safari browser in iPhone’s main menu.

You can also participate with a text in the blog at the page for the geologic pulse of Planetary art theme.Description of the legend to the work of artThe legend is situated at the lower part of the picture. A stylized world map is painted at the upper part of the work of art.The outlines of the continents situated in 12 isosceles triangles are filled with silver paint. They are laid on through expressive brushstrokes. The movement of the painter’s brush is oriented in definite horizontal and vertical directions in order they to be outlined against the background of the severely scraped textured canvas. The technique used hints the time of the past billion years from the origin of the Earth celestial body. The outlines of 12 equal by size and area geometric figures are formed by the same cosmic substance on the astral background. The graphic image of the polyhedral planimetric figure’s spreads is born by the chaos of the pictorial out of space substance at the astral background. It could be accepted as abstract image of the symbolizing the earth ovoid form.

The geographic location of the matrices is marked on the analogy of the created by Buckminster Fuller globe, divided in 20 parts and representing the three-dimensional scope in the two-dimensional flat space without deforming the area of the cartographic surface. They are drawn on ovoid form and the Blue planet’s map is represented through 12 triangles in this 2 D artistic panel. Thus again, the earth crust’ areas laid on the shell of that organic form – symbol of evolution in the material world are not deformed too much.

A collage marking with small made by reflecting vinyl material squares 12 towns’ location is made on the linen canvas. These points on the planet are linked with the pictorial space through internet connection. In one way or other spectators from that international space become participants in the creation of interactive cognitive-communicational model of art.

The Global Underground Stream is marked with dotted line on the world map. It is depicted in flashy pink on the vinyl material used in several places in the composition as a pictorial element, uniting and putting color accent on the thematic non-formal structurally caring accents in the work of art’s entire design.

The Magic sketchpad and the underground stream are marked with this color, shown not only in plan, but also depicted in profile on a piece of the raster situated in the legend and taking the bottom left angle of the panel. A depth of the filtration layer’s stream up to 20 km is shown.

The spiral in the legend depicts the global filtration stream seen in a situated on a sphere plan. The point of view is the North Pole. It becomes obvious that the stream starts from the equatorial belt, it turbulences to Southwest and reaches the Arctic Circle. Water is warmed up under filtration and rises to the surface of 20 km starting feeding zone in the Pacific water pool in order to reach 10 km depth in Alaska regions.

A scale of the chemical elements, their melting point, thermal capacity and boiling point are shown in the next part of the legend. These chemical elements that take part in the expressed hydro geochemical activity of the global filtration stream. It is rather bigger in those regions under which the stream flows in comparison with the remaining part of Earth where it doesn’t flow. The water contributes to substances’ chemical exchange, heat transfer, energy accumulating and as a result of all that is the geotectonic activity. Volcanic, earthquake activity, mountain forming – these are consequences of the global filtration stream activity. Its influence on the biological world is very huge.The organisms in these natural regions develop in a specific way in comparison with the species in other regions. This fact reflects on man’s economic, social and cultural development.

Further we will see the so called legend, a triangle figure marking the functional dependence of art on earth gravitation in the bottom area of the panel, left to right next to the Magic sketchpad and the iPhone forming the interactive-communicative element of the work of art. The filtration stream influences also the earth gravity, electromagnetism and radioactivity.

FThis picture is not an illustration or a scientific theory. It is an artistic interpretation of the idea coming from minds that have entirely dedicated their lives to geology. The work of art is only inspired by these contemporary minds but it has no claim for exact and comprehensive scientific representation. The work of art’s task is to attract the audience’s attention through the emotional means of art of painting to this environmental reality that explains a lot of the phenomena of the Earth material world.


That’s why this geovision is a sensual narrative artistic panel, a contemporary scientific icon that astonishes, makes us to think because of our incomprehensibility, apparent confusion, anxiety and state of chaos of the traces left by the painter’s brush. This is a kind of invitation for meditation and discussion with other spectators concerning the multilayer pictorial substance repeating the geologic layers in which we search for parallel in the strata of world cultures.

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