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Geologic Pulse Project proposes an opportunity for enlargement of the cultural links between Bulgaria, EU members and USA in the current globalization period in order to provoke a discussion not only amongst scientific and artistic circles but also amongst wide audience about global processes’ influence on the artistic creative work, migration and cultural processes. The main Project’s goal is to represent to the specialist as well as to the wide audience a new trend in the multidisciplinary art named PICTORIAL GEO ICONIC, in which WATER AS AESTHETICS is the basic element from artistic and scientific point of view. The exhibited works acquaint the audience through the means of art with the innovatory scientific theory for the Water global nano migration (filtration stream). It is the cause of the passing on earth processes – earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers, etc., and every human being’s permanent link with its place of birth is realized through water. Water is encoding the memory for the birth place in every human body.In this way the symbiosis between science and art is stimulated, the theory is synthesized and more understandable and interesting suggestion and sensation for a natural phenomena – THE INFLUENCE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF WATER in the link man – nature is achieved. THE ART OF PAINTING INFLUENCES INTUITIVE on the human’s color sensation and mostly on sensuousness and these purely human sensations, supported by a stable scientific theory, contribute to more different attitude to nature.




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