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 1. Lithosphere - Geo scope zone 


Introduction to the concept of the Geologic Pulse in an unconventional way - the theory is transcribed via picturesque compositions by Ionko Ivan.

Geologic Pulse is an innovative and unique scientific-artistic project that explores the relationship between geology and art, providing a key for decoding the earthly energy in culture.

The forces of nature have strong impact on our bodies and emotions. Emerging deep in the ground, they move to the surface, changing its strength and intensity influenced by different homogeneity of geological layers.

The reason for this is the water. It is the only substance that moves freely.
The water aggressively dissolves chemical compounds, serving as a transporter of matter from one location to another, creating a unique environment in which the earth energies penetrate differently, helps to shape specific fields with rays for each region at the surface and shaping each area of the planet differently.


So after completing the way through the depths, energies come into contact with the human body, interact with its cells, affect the metabolism and encode in our bodies information for geo zones of our native places.

From the birth of the planet's water is formed a Global filtration flow. The natural phenomenon due to the rotation of the Earth, is swirled into a spiral, starting from the depths of the Pacific, passing through South Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Balkans, Central and Southern Europe, Atlantic Ocean, North America, Northern Japan, Chukotka, Northern Siberia and ending in the North pole.

Under the influence of water in the stream, earth energies change their properties, forming genetic, social and cultural differences and initiating highly developed civilizations.

Cultural and historical development of the various nations is directly dependent on their location, on the way to the World filtration flow. Because of the various earth energies and colorful palette of chemical compounds, man develops special sensitivity that he further embodies in art.


Geologic Pulse is a touring exhibition. It enables contemporary artists to seek and find their relationship with distant cultures in the world, based on hydrogeological characteristics. In a period of turbulent social developments due to the migration of people it is important to understand the roots of their soul, set in the unique geological culturological layers.

Because nostalgia arises from the mismatch between the code of our cells embedded in a fetal age and the new different environment in which people live.

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