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"GEO CALEIDOSCOPE" is  a functional artistic composition of interactive communicative installations. This area is Built from sculptural elements, called "EARTHLY EGGS" with integrated inside computer technology. The interface design of the installation, uses highly intuitive platform of the virtual cognitive, internet model called "GEO EGGS". It is  Easily accessible  Global composition, interactive and communicative environment, connecting the museums and universities, so artists, experts from different parts of the world, can be involved in discussions organized by the Foundation of Image Synthesis and partners. The interactive sculptures allow to extend the experimental work in Seed zone and the results can be documented, to be systematized and prepare for analysis. The sculpture - installation is a tool for building virtual bridges between participants in the next meta Eureka zone. Earthly eggs - the interactive sculptures, along with interactive communicative paintings, are elements for the global composition "GEO CALEIDOSCOPE", that allow artists and experts, to join in the forums at museums of various parts of the world, to combine their views in a statement, that defining key factors in processes of work for generations of artists, are the regional natural hydrogeological characteristics.

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